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Monday, 20 November 2017
Review Results
Papers that have successfully passed the review process and will be published in Springer book:

1. Vasily Popovich. Space Theory for IGIS

2. Xiliang Liu, Li Yu, Kang Liu, Peng Peng, Shifeng Cheng, Feng Lu and Mengdi Liao. ST-PF: Spatio-Temporal Particle Filter for Floating Car Data Pre-processing

3. Yan Ivakin and Sergey Potapychev. Geochronologic Tracking – Specialized GIS Analysis Tool For Historic Research

4. Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Teslya and Alexey Kashevnik. Context-aware routing service for intelligent mobile tourist guide

5. Oksana Smirnova and Tatiana Popovich. Information sources rating based on randomised aggregated indices method for delay-tolerant networks

6. Victor Ermolaev and Sergey Potapychev. Geoinformational support of search efforts distribution in changing environmental conditions

7. Riham Mohamed, Essam Kosba, Khaled Mahar and Saleh Mesbah. A framework for Emergency Evacuation Planning using GIS and DSS

8. Misha Tsvetkov and Dmitrii Rubanov. An Intelligent GIS-based approach to vessel route planning in the Arctic seas

9. Enguerran Grandchamp. Fuzzy vector structures for transient phenomenon representation

10. Linna Li and Jose Valdovinos. Optimized conflation of authoritative and crowd-sourced geographic data: Creating an integrated bike map

11. Diep Dao and Jean-Claude Thill. Detecting Attribute-based Homogeneous Patches Using Spatial Clustering: A Comparison Test

12. Filipp Galiano and Vasily Popovich. Algorithmic component of earth remote sensing data analysis system

13. Sergey Vavilov and Mikhail Lytaev. Calibration and verification of the models defining radar visibility zones in marine geoinformation systems

14. Paul Jung, Mona Kashiha and Jean-Claude Thill. Community Structures in Networks of Disaggregated Cargo Flows to Maritime Ports

15. Zhe Du, Liang Huang and Yuanqiao Wen. The Route Planning for Vessel Based on the Dynamic Complexity Map

16. Vladimir Malyj. Modelling of surveillance zones for bistatic and multistatic active sonars with application of geographic information systems

17. Xiang Chen and Xinyu Zhang. The vessel scheduling optimization in different types of waterway

18. Pavel Volgin and Vladimir Deveterikov. Simulation modeling of maritime monitoring systems with application of information technology complex

Papers approved for poster presentations:

1. Andrey Makshanov. Solution of Ill Conditioned Maritime Estimation Task Based on Polyscenario Approach

2. Yi Liu, Yunaqiao Wen and Liang Huang. Traffic knowledge discovery based on Marine traffic network

3. Ana Maria Magdalena Saldana-Perez, Marco Antonio Moreno-Ibarra and Miguel Torres-Ruiz. Classification of short texts to analyze traffic in urban areas

4. Sheyla Santana. Spatial Perception in virtual environment: Contribution for urban planning.

5. Qiang Lu, Lin Wu, Zhao Chen and Xiaoli Pan. An On-Line AIS Data Processing System

6. Joan Sala Calero, Gerrit Hendriksen, Jasper Dijkstra, Amrit Cado van der Lelij, Mindert de Vries and Rudie Ekkelenkamp. FAST MI-SAFE platform: Foreshore Assessment using Space Technology

7. Grigorii Zykov and Dmitrii Rubanov. New Technologies in Decision Making Support System for the Naval Actions and other kind of Activities at Sea

8. Alexander Prokaev. Matrix Method for Search of Lost Objects at Sea with Geoinformation Systems Using

9. Zheyuan Zhang, Liang Huang and Yuanqiao Wen. The study of port oil spill emergency capability based on Neo4j

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